Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values


" Rough Environments Need Tough Coatings! "

We optimise mechanical equipment as an industrial no-nonsence service provider.
By increasing parts lifetime we give added value on total-cost-of-ownership to our customers. 
We want to be leader instead of follower and specialise in surface treatement and finishing.

Respect for human and nature are woven in our goals. 

By innovating and improving, the relation with our customer will be stronger and our company will grow equally.


"To Lead!"

Within the next five years Plasmajet will become the leading advanced coating company for Belgian industry,

  • we further optimise and automate our coating and welding equipment to the highest level in the industry,
  • we will reduce lead time by lean manufacturing,
  • we keep investing in the most energy efficient equipment to reduce our ecological footprint,
  • we want to be preferred partner for all our customers,
  • we inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun in every social relation.


" Committed In Heart And Mind! "

  • People
    Any company is nothing more or less than its people. 
  • Work
    We all have a task to do. We do this safe, smart and efficiant. 
  • Together
    Share knowledge, the more we pull together the stronger we will be. 
  • One
    We have shared destiny. We will succeed or fail together.
    Succes is being "ONE" 
  • Leadership
    We are here to lead, to be the best, nothing less.